Friday, November 20, 2009

E.L.F. bath set deals HOT!!!

Right now E.L.F. bath & body items are 3/$10. Automatically will be taken off at checkout. There are a number of Coupon Codes you could use, but can not be stacked. Buy $15 worth of any product & enter code EHRDC25 & get a $25 restaurant card with your purchase. Enter code EGBOGOHALF and receive items at B1G1 50% off. Enter code FREEMM and receive a free mini makeup kit with purchase.

I purchased 30 hand sanitizers(for gift bags) and used the EGBOGOHALF code w/shipping cost just under $15. HOT HOT HOT!!!!

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Food Lion matchups for 11/18-11/24

Thanks to frugal coupon living for posting the link for Food Lion's matchups for this week.

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Publix matchups for 11/18-11/24

Thanks to frugal coupon living for posting the matchups for publix stores.

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Albertsons 11/18-11/24 matchups

Thanks to frugal coupon living for posting the link for the Albertson's matchups for this week.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Publix Penny Item 11/15-11/16: Coupon Addicted Mom

Thanks to frugalcouponliving for posting the penny item for these 2 days.

Publix Hotdogs

If you would like to see more info about this click here for more info.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Food Lion matchups for 11/11-11/17

Thanks to frugalcouponliving for posting the Food Lion matchups!

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Publix matchups for 11/11-11/17

Thanks to frugalcouponliving for posting the publix matchups

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Albertsons 11/11-11/17

Thanks to a Thrify mom for posting deals!

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Trip to valumarket 11/12

Went to valumarket tonight & got 20 items for a little over $15 bucks. The only item I wasn't planning on purchasing was the Reese's puff cereal, but it just so happens a little coupon fairy had left a $0.55 off printable on the shelf. Wish I knew where they got it from b/c my family loves this cereal. So here is the pic of what I got & the breakdown.

4 cans of pillsbury Crescent Rolls $0.99 each

used (2) $0.50/2 coupons from OOP=4 for $1.96 ($0.49 each)

4 cans of progresso soup $0.99

used (2) $0.50/2 from SS insert OOP= 4 for $1.96

2 boxes Honey Nut Cheerios 5/$10 ($2 each)

used (1) $1/2 SS insert OOP=2 for $3

1 box Reese Puff cereal 5/$10 ($2 each)

used $0.55 printable (found on shelf) OOP=$1.45

2 International Delight Coffee Creamer 3/$5 ($1.67 each)

used (2) $0.55 from 11/8 insert OOP=2 for $2.24 ($1.12 each)

1 RC 2 liter $1

2 bags of Sargento Shredded Cheese $0.99

used (2) $0.55 from AUM 11/20 issue OOP=2 for $0.88 ($0.44 each)

2 loaves of Bunny Bread $0.89 each

used (2) $0.25 from SS insert (can't remember date) OOP=2 for $0.78 ($0.39 each)

2 Aunt Jemima French Toast 2/$3

used $1/2 from OOP=2 for $2

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Meijer matchups for 11/8-11/14

Thanks to hoosiers freebies & deals for posting the matchups this week!

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Some that weren't mentioned,

Dole salad blends 2/$3
use $1/2 OOP=2 for $2

Bob Evans Sides $2.59
use $0.50 here OOP=$1.59

V8 Fusion $2.49
use $1 here OOP=$1.49

wanchai frozen meal $5.99
use $1.50 AND
use $1 OOP=$3.49

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kroger matchups for 11/8-11/14

Thanks to mrspennypincher for posting the kroger matchups this week.

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Monday, November 9, 2009


Just received an email that E.L.F. cosmetics is having a sitewide Buy1 Get 1 50% off sale.

At checkout use promo code EGBOGOHALF, or if you would rather receive a mini 27 piece makeup kit use promo code LOYAL. Can not use both codes together.

CVS, walgreens, & Riteaid matchups 11/8-11/14: Coupon Addicted Mom

Thanks to,, & for posting matchups!

Click here to view CVS matchups.

Click here to view Riteaid matchups

Click here to view Walgreens (wags) matchups

Publix yellow Advantage deals 11/7-12/4: Coupon Addicted Mom

Thanks to for posting these awesome deals. This special sale runs 11/7-12/4(including coupons).

Click here to view matchups!

& Publix Penny Item for 11/8-11/9 is Publix Oatmeal. Thanks to frugal for posting!

Click here for more info!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Valumarket matchups for 11/8-11/14: Coupon Addicted Mom

Don't forget that valu doubles coupons up to $0.50 & they accept printable coupons, they will be listed as IP on the matchups. They have a lot of great deals this week! I'll be going a couple of days!

Whole Turkey's $0.69 LB (great price for those cooking for Thanksgiving!)

Deans 1/2 Gallon milk $0.99

Sargento Cheese $0.99
use $0.55 exp. 1/30/10 AUM 11/20 issue OOP=$0.44
use $0.55/2 exp. 11/30 SS 8/30 OOP=2 for $1.43

Progresso Soup $0.99
use $1 IP click here to print OOP=FREE!!
use $0.25 exp. 12/19 SS 10/25, exp. 11/28 SS 10/04, exp. 1/2/10 SS 11/8 OOP=$0.49each
use $0.50/2 exp. 11/28 SS 10/04, exp. 12/19 SS 10/25, exp. 1/2/10 SS 11/8 OOP=2 for $0.98
use $0.75/3 IP here OOP=3 for $2.22

10lb Idaho Potatoes $1.69

Breyers Ice Cream $1.99
use $0.75 exp. 12/31 RP 10/18 OOP=$1.24

Green Giant Steamers 2/$3
use IP here or here $0.50 OOP=$0.50 each
use $0.40 exp. 11/28 SS 10/4

Aunt Jemima Pancakes or French Toast 2/$3
use $1/2 IP here OOP=2 for $2

Pillsbury cresent Rolls $0.99
use $1/2 exp. 1/16/10 SS 10/25, exp. 12/05 SS 9/13, IP here OOP=2 for $0.98
use $0.50/2 exp. 12/26 SS 10/04, 1/16/10 SS 10/25, exp. 1/30/10 SS 11/08 OOP=2 for $0.98

Pillsbury Pie Crust 2/$5
$0.50/2 exp. 1/30/10 SS 11/08, or IP here or here OOP=2 for $4

International Delight Coffee Creamer 3/$5
use $0.55 IP here or exp. 1/31/10 SS 11/8 OOP=$1.12

GM assorted Cereals 5/$10
use $1/2 IP here or assorted Q's here
use $1/2 exp. 12/19 SS 11/8, exp. 12/5 SS 10/25
use $1/3 exp. 11/28 SS 10/18 & 10/4

Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes 4/$5
use $1 IP here OOP= $0.25
use $0.40 IP here OOP=$0.45
use $1/2 exp. 11/28 SS 10/4 OOP=2 for $1.50

Betty Crocker cookie Mix 3/$5
use $0.40 exp. 11/30 IP here , exp 12/19 SS 10/25 OOP=$0.86 each
use $1/2 exp. 12/19 SS 10/25 OOP=2 for $2.34

Bunny Bread $0.89
use $0.25 exp. 12/31 SS 9/27 OOP=$0.39

Friday, November 6, 2009

Meijer Super Sat. matchups for 11/7: Coupon Addicted Mom

Dial Hand Soap $1
use $0.35 exp. 11/30 SS 10/04 OOP=$0.30
use $1/3 exp. 11/30 SS 10/04 OOP=3 for $2

Fast Fixin's Chicken $2.99
use $0.75 exp. 1/20/10 AUM 8/28 or exp. 3/31/10 AUM 10/23 issue OOP=$2.24
use $0.30 exp. 12/15 printable (no longer available) OOP=$2.39

Coca-Cola 6pck bottles $2.49

Bounty 2pk paper towels (limit 4) 2/$5
use $0.25 exp. 11/30 PG 11/1 OOP=$2 each

Nestle Tollhouse Morsels $2.99
use $1/2 exp. 11/30 AUM 6/26 issue OOP=2 for $4.98
use $0.50 exp. 12/31 RP 11/1 OOP=$1.99 each

Smithfield Bacon $1.79
use $0.55 exp. 12/01 RP 10/25 OOP=$1.24

Playskool Lullaby Gloworm $8.97
use $3 OOP=$5.97

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Couponing 101 5 tips a day: Coupon Addicted Mom

#1 buy a paper & print coupons online you'll get more savings & start your stockpile.

#2 Try to purchase items when they are on sale & use a coupon. If you don't have a coupon, but an item is on sale that you need. Go ahead & purchase more than 1. You take less of a risk of you running out of the item & it not being on sale than just purchasing more than you need while it's on sale.

#3 Try to shop at stores that offer double coupons, store coupons, or both(meijers, doubles & has store coupons AND Target has store coupons that you can combine with MQ's as well) Kroger has coupons you can download to your Kroger plus card. Valumarket also doubles as well. All these stores accept printable coupons. Walmart has a policy to accept printable coupons, but have given me & many others a hard time about using them. So try to shop at walmart with coupons that won't double & the item is still cheaper.

#4 Don't be afraid to shop at more than one store. Riteaid has some great deals, & they have what they call Riteaid Rebates. CVS has Extra care bucks, & walgreens has Register Rewards

#5 If your coupon doesn't state excluding trial size then you can use your coupon to purchase the trial size & more than likely the item will be free! Great for stocking stuffers! Also, as long as a coupon doesn't state can not be combined with a discount than you can even use your coupon on clearance items.

More couponing tips to come. Happy Savings & as always if you have a bad week in couponing(usually happens several times until you get your stockpile going) don't beat yourself up. In fact, look at the brightside, you still saved money!

meijer 11-1 to 11-7 matchups: Coupon Addicted Mom

Smart Balance Peanut Butter $2.99
use $1/2 AND
use $1 exp. 12/02 RP 10/18 OOP=2 for $3.98 (for 1 MQ used) (use 2 OOP=2 for $2.98)
----also---- $1 click here to print (can print 2x's)

Smart Balance Butter $1.99
use $1/2 AND
use $1/2 exp. 12/02 RP 10/18 OOP=2 for $1.98 or from
-----best deal-----
use $1/2 AND
use $1/1 Butter sticks (print 2x's) OOP=2 for $0.98

Peter Pan Peanut Butter $1.69
use $1/3 AND
use $0.50 exp. 12/06 AUM 10/23 issue OOP=3 for $3.07
use (2) MQ & 1 MBQ OOP=3 for $2.07

Maxwell House $1.99
use $1/2 OOP=2 for $2.98

Banquet Dinners $0.89
use $1/10 AND
use $1/6 exp. 11/08 AUM 9/25 issue OOP=10 for $6.90 or if you have 2 MQ's from the mag. OOP=12 for $7.68 ( $0.64 each)

Old Orchard Juice $1.69
use $0.50 AND
use $1 click here to print OOP=$0.19 (for healthy balance)

Hunts Ketchup $0.99
use $1/2 exp. 12/06 AUM 9/25 issue OOP=2 for $0.98

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dole instant win game & trip for 2 entry: Coupon Addicted Mom

Click here to play dole's instant win game & enter to win a trip for 2 to California. Plus, even if you don't get an instant win you do get a great coupon as a thank you for playing. Good luck & happy savings!

Tylenol calendar 2010 w/savings: Coupon Addicted Mom

Click here to register for your copy of the 2010 tylenol calendar with valuable savings! Don't miss out on this awesome savings calendar!

Kroger matchups for 11/1-11/7: Coupon Addicted Mom

For the kroger matchups click here to view mrspennypinchers page with the matchups! Thanks for posting them mrs. penny pincher:)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kelloggs HOT printable coupons: Coupon Addicted Mom

Click here to print the Kellogg's Manufacturer's coupons AND THEN PAIR IT WITH target store coupon located depending on which coupons you use you could end up with free! cereal. Good luck! I believe you can print as many of the target coupons as you want & there is a deal where when you purchase 3 you get a 4th box free!

New month means NEW HOT COUPONS! Coupon Addicted Mom

Click here for awesome HOTTTT! coupons courtesy of
--coupons like $3 off huggies pure & natural diapers
$5 off Mr. Potato Head Spud Bud Toys(single packs $4.99 at Toys R'US & other retailers) so FREE! after coupon & other toy
coupons as well.

Also, hasbro has $30 in game coupons to print as well just click here to select yours & print!

Don't forget to also go to print coupons from and and

Remember to also download savings to your kroger plus card before shopping as well. New & restocked coupons go through to make sure you take care of all downloadable sites from 1 page. also has exclusive allyou coupons as well.