Monday, June 29, 2009

Meijer coupon matchups for 6/28-7/4: Coupon Addicted Mom Ky deals

Deals: **10 for 10 items 11th item free are mix & match**
Pepsi 24 pack can products $3.99*WYB 4 packs* Addtl qty's greater or less than 4 will be $6.49/ea only 1 offer per transaction.
Coca-Cola products 2 liters 10/$10 & 11th free
Coca-cola 6) 24oz bottles or 8)12 oz bottles 4/$10
12pack 7-UP or A&W Root Beer cans $4/10
-$1/3(only 7up) MMQ printable here OOP=$6.50 for 3 or 4/$9

Country time lemonade drink mix*includes on the go* 3/$4 (if you still have your $1.50/2 MQ exp. 7/1 from OOP=2/$1.16
Maxwell house 11-13oz can coffee $2/4 (if you still have $2/2 exp. 7/1 from OOP= 2 for $2
Yuban 2/$4
Meijer MVP Sports drinks 32 oz. 3/$2
Ice Mountain 24/.5 liter or 12/23.7oz bottles 2/$7
-$1/2 MMQ printable here OOP=2/$6
Nestle Pure Life Water 24/8oz or 24/16.9oz bottles 2/$7
-$1/2 MMQ printable here OOP=2/$6

Gatorade 64oz. BOGO free!


Kingsford Charcoal Light the bag $3.59(3.2lb bag, no lighter fluid needed)
Kingsford Surefire Charcoal 18lb bag $7.49
-$1/2 MMQ printable here OOP=$13.98 for 2 (this is the better deal b/c you end up with 6 pds more charcoal, less money spent & if you still have your Coupon for Buy Kingsford Charcoal get KC Masterpiece Free!)

Kingsford Twin 15lb pack surefire charcoal $9.99(3o lbs total) Get 1 KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce FREE

Strawberries 2/$5
Blueberries-2/$4 pint
Golden & reg. raspberries 6oz. 2/$4
Blackberries 5.6oz 2/$4

Eckrich Meat Franks, Bologna or Salami $1.19
-1/2 MQ (exp. 8/1 SS 6/28) *for the franks* or $0.55 exp. 6/30 OOP=2 for $1.38 or $0.64 for 1
(sign up for eckrich coupon club here & be notified when coupons are available)

Hillshire Farm Rope Smoked Sausage 2/$4
-$1/2 MQ (exp. 7/31) OOP=2 for $3
BallPark Franks $2/5
-$1/2 MQ (exp 7/5 or $1/2 MQ (exp. 7/25 RP 6/28) OOP=2 for $4

Ground beef from chuck $1.99lb(save $1 WYB any 2 Mrs. Dash Seasoning blends exp. 6/30)

Boneless Chuckeye Steak or Roast $1.99lb
Hormel Sliced Salami or pepperoni 10/$10 11th item free!
Oscar Mayer Lunchables or Lunchables Jr. 10/$10 11th item Free!
Johnsonville Brats or Italian Pork Sausage $2.79

Health & Beauty
Dentek Flossers 75-90ct/Meijer Mouthwash 500ml or Floss 100yds 10/$10 11th free!
Meijer heart health supplements/glucosamine & calciums-1/2 price
Meijer first aid kits 25%off
Bayer Quick release $1 off
-$1 MQ printable here OOP=depends on sale price
Revlon Colorstay Cosmetics 50% off

Max Factor Cosmetics $1 off (now $2.99-$8.99)
-$2 MQ exp. 6/30 OOP=Depends on sale

Sure Deodorant 2/$4
-$1.25 MQ(for men) exp 8/31 SS 6/28 OOP=$0.75 or
-$0.75(any) exp. 8/31 SS 6/28 OOP=$1.25

Degree Body Mist $3.59
-$1 MQ exp 9/20 RP 6/28 OOP=$2.59
Degree Ultra Clear or Absolute Protection $3.59
-$1/2 exp. 8/23 RP 6/28 (ultra clear) OOP=$6.18 for 2
-$1.25(mens) MQ exp 8/23 RP 6/28 OOP=$2.34

Pert Plus Shampoos or Conditioners 12-16.9oz 2/$5 (25.4oz $3.49)
-$1.50 MQ exp 8/31 SS 6/28 OOP= $1 or $1.99 for 25.4oz
-$1 MQ exp 8/31 SS 6/28 OOP=$1.50 or $2.49 for 25.4 oz

Loreal Feria & Natural Match Haircolor $2 off
-$3 MQ(any loreal haircolor exp 8/9 OOP=Depends on sale price

Sunsilk $2.49
-$2/2 MQ exp 7/31 OOP=2 for $2.98

Loreal Vive Shampoo/conditioner/styling products $2.99
-$1 MQ exp 7/19 OOP= $1.99

Bic Soleil 4 blade razor or refill(4ct) $5.99
-$2 MQ exp 7/19 OOP=$3.99

Banana Boat or Hawaiian Tropic Suncare $2.50 off
$1 MQ exp. 8/31 OOP=Depends on sale price

Listerine Smart Rinse or Agent Cool Blue $3.95
-$1 MQ printable here OOP=$2.95

Arm & Hammer Advance White 2/$6
$1 MQ printable here OOP=$2 each

Lays potato chips $1.99
$1/2 Exp. 9/26 AUM July OOP=$2.98 for 2 or
$0.55 MQ WYB 1 jar frito dip exp. 8/8 SS 6/28 OOP=$1.44 +cost of dip
Meijer potato chips $2
Delmonte Fruit Chillers 3/$6($2 each)
$1 MQ printable here OOP=$1 each

Little Debbie Snack cakes 5/$6($1.20 each)
Nabisco Ritz Crackers $2.19
-FREE wheat thins WYB any 1 Ritz crackers(13.66oz to 16oz) exp. 9/6 OOP=$2.19 for Ritz crackers & Free box of Wheat Thins

Pop Secret Popcorn 2/$3
-$0.50/2 MQ AND $1/4 MMQ print here OOP=(if using 1 $0.50/2 Q) 4 for $4 ($1 ea) (if using 2 $0.50/2 MQ) 4 for $3 ($0.75 each)

vlasic stackers 2/$4
-$1/3 MMQ printable here OOP=3 for $5

Heluva Good Dip $1.19
-$0.25 MMQ printable here OOP= $0.94

bread & Cereal
Aunt Millies Honey Hot Dog or Hamburger buns 8ct BOG2 Free
-$0.35 MQ exp. 7/31 OOP=Depends on sale price

New York Texas Toast croutons $1.39
-$0.50 exp. 8/31 AUM June OOP=$0.39

Soft N Good Family White Bread 10/$10 11th item free!
meijer White hot dog or hamburger buns(also seeded) 8ct $0.99

Brownberry whole grain classics, country, or grains & more Bread 1/2 price
-$1 off MMQ printable here (print as many as you need) OOP=Depends on sale

General Mills Cereal 3/$8 (2.66 ea.) {cocoa puffs, golden grahams, total 16oz-16.5oz, cookie crisp or wheaties 15.6oz, Frosted Cheerios 17.2oz, Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs or Cheerios 18oz.
-$0.55 MQ for reese's puffs printable here OOP=$2.11 or $1/2 any cheerios OOP= 2/$4.32 or $1 MQ exp. 8/1(received in mail Cheerios) OOP=$1.66

Post Cereal 3/$7 ($2.33 each)
$1/2 exp. 8/2 OOP= 2/$3.66

Kelloggs Cereal 4/$10 *Get $3 off at register WYB 4 boxes*
-$1 MQ any OOP=$1.50 or (if you have 4 Q's) 4 for $3(after deal)
$1.50/2 MQ 7/1/2010 printable here OOP=(if only buying 2 boxes) $3.50 for 2 or (if using 2 Q's) 4 for $4

Dairy & Frozen
Meijer American Prepared Cheese singles 8oz $0.99
Tropicana OJ or Grapefruit Juice or Dole Juice Blends 64oz cartons 2/$5
Tropicana Pure Premium OJ 6pk/8oz. 2/$5
-$1/3 MMQ printable here OOP= 3 for $6.50

Coffeemate 2/$5
$1 MQ printable here OOP=$1.50 each(print 2x's) or 2/$3
$1.50/2 printable here OOP= 2 for $3.50

Breakstone's Sour Cream 10/$10 11th item free!

Yoplait Fiber 1 or Yo-Plus Gogurt, Trix or Kids 2/$4
-$0.35 exp. 8/1 OOP=$1.30 (gogurt, trix, or kids) or
$o.40 printable here OOP=$1.20(gogurt, trix, or kids)
$0.50 Yoplus MQ exp. 8/1 OOP=$1 or

I can't believe its not butter 3/$4
$0.75 MQ(sticks) printable here OOP=$0.58

kraft String Cheese $2.99
-$1/2 MMQ OOP= 2/$4.98

Green Giant Valley Steamers or Box Veggies 10/$10 11th item free!

lean Cuisine $1.89
$1/4 MQ OOP=$6.56 or B2G1 Free MQ AUM July OOP=3/$3.78

Bagelfuls 5/$10
$1 MQ OOP=$1.50

Jeno's Crisp n Tasty or Totinos Pizza Rolls 10/$10 11th item free!

Tony's Mega Pouches 10/$10 11th item free
$0.50 MQ exp. 9/15 OOP=Free!

red baron Deep dish Singles 5/$12
$0.75 exp. 8/31 OOP= $1.65

Kraft Mac-n-Cheese 10/$10 11th item free!
-B3G1 Free exp. 7/28 SS 6/28 OOP= 4/$3

Chi-chis salsa
$0.55 MQ OOP=$0.45

Bounty paper towels 10/$10 11th free
-$0.25 MQ PG OOP=$0.50 or $1 MQ(by mail) OOP=Free!

Crisco Oil 25% off
-$1 MQ exp. 8/31 (Olive Oil) OOP=price varies

Crisco cooking spray 25% off
-$0.35 MQ exp 8/31 OOP=price varies

Duncan Hines Browie Mix $1.99
-$0.50/2 MQ exp. 7/4 OOP= 2 for $2.98

Heinz 40oz bottle ketchup $2 (B2G1 meijer hot dog or hamburger bun 8ct free)Kraft Grated or Shredded parmesan $2.99

Planters Nuts $1.99
-$1/2 MQ exp 9/13 SS 6/28 OOP= $2.98 for 2

Glad Waste Bags $1 off
-$1/2 MMQ

Mccormick Grill mates 3/$5
-$0.50 exp. 8/31 OOP= $0.66
Mccormick Black pepper 3/$5 -$0.75 exp 6/30 OOP= $0.91

Hidden valley Ranch 3/$7
-$1/2 MMQ OOP=2 for $3.66 or if you still have $1.50/2 MQ from exp. 7/1 use w/MMQ OOP= 2 for $2.16

Ronzoni Healthy Harvest or Smart Taste Pasta 10/$10 11th item free!
$1 MQ (smart taste) OOP=Free!

duncan hines frosting 2/$3
$0.55 MQ OOP= $0.95 or $0.50 exp 7/3 OOP=$0.50

Open Pit BBQ 4/$5
$1/5 MMQ OOP= 5/$5.25

Meijer coupon matchups for 6/28-7/4: Coupon Addicted Mom Ky deals

Friday, June 26, 2009

cvs ad preview for 6/28-7/4: coupon addicted mom Ky deals

Here is the preview ad for next week's ad & coupon matchups.

Thanks to for the preview & matchups. Click below to see


CVS ad preview for 6/28-7/4: Coupon addicted mom ky deals

Meijer preview ad for 6/28-7/4: Coupon Addicted Mom Ky deals

Thanks Timswife@ for the preview


Don't forget to print off your mealbox coupons too. Click here for the coupons.

Meijer trip 6/26: Coupon addicted mom ky deals

I'll have to get a pic up soon. This is what I purchased for $18.92

aunt millies butter top bread sale $0.75
-two $0.35 MQ from 6/21 paper.
OOP=$0.10 for 2

2 Similac Ready to feed 2/$10
-two similac checks $3 ea.
OOP=$4 for 2

Oral-B stages $1.75
$1/2 PG insert
OOP=2 for $2.50

Tony's multi pizzas
$1/2 MQ exp 9/15
OOP=$3.96 for 4(used 2 coupons)

Johnsonville Sausage links 2/$4.75
-$1 MQ exp 7/1

No coupons on these, but purchased 2)24oz 6pk bottles of pepsi & coke $3/6.75
OOP=$2.25 ea

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Meijer 2 day super sale starts tomorrow 6/26: Coupon Addicted Mom Ky deals

WOW! Awesome 75th annivesary Sale starts tomorrow 6/26 at Meijers. Check the ad out here also check out meijers mealbox for coupons. More coupons to be added on Fri. click here to download your MBQ. Happy Shopping!

Good deals:
2lb strawberries $2.75
Maybelline makeup BOGO for $0.75

Matchups that I know of without checking coupons:
Aunt Millies White or wheat bread $0.75
-$0.35 MQ SS 6/21 paper.
OOP=$0.05 WOW!

Colgate, crest toothpaste(various types) $1.75
$1 MQ, or and has coupons as well. Not sure how much.

Tony's pizza's $1.99
$1/2 MQ exp. 9/15
OOP=2 for $1.98

Similac Ready to feed Formula 2/$5
I had 2 similac checks for $3 each so I only paid $2 a bottle.
OOP=varies on what checks you have

also, block party at meijers on Sat. 27th, with games, kids activities, free food, & giveaways. From 11am to 2. Don't forget that Sat.'s are days that most stores give out coupons & do demos.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Apologies & good matchups

I apologize that I haven't been able to enter in any coupon matchups. My husband has been studying for a big test for his job & we only have 1 computer as of right now. Also, I'm sorry that I'm unable to list which insert they came in b/c my coupons fell out of my binder & scattered everwhere. I do have a few awesome deals to list for you though & it will save you quite a bit if all you get is just these items.

Michelinas micro meals $0.75
$1/5 MQ click here AND here also use $1/5 MBQ click here to download the Q
OOP= 5 for $1.75 print more(you can print 4Q's off michelinas website & as many times as you want to from meijer mealbox page as well) I purchased 20 boxes for $7(this even included the lean gourmet meals & snackers)

Quilted Northern 6 double rolls 2/$5
$1 MBQ(click as many as you would like to purchase-print even more b/c expires July 18th so potentional for another sale to stockpile toilet paper) click here to download & print.
OOP=$1.50 each

Koolaid packets 20/$2 (receive a free 5pack box of Kraft mac-n-cheese WYB 20 packets)
$2 off any brand of sugar WYB 10 packets of Koolaid 6/21 paper.(this is why I purchase more than 2 papers a week when there are coupons so you get even more savings).
When you get your sugar, choose a brand of sugar you have a coupon for to get extra savings.
OOP=Koolaid Free!(Free 5pack box of mac-n-cheese) & 2-5lb bags of sugar for $1.08

Cool-whip 8oz. tubs $0.99
$1/3 MBQ here
OOP=3 for $1.98

Dole iceberg bagged lettuce $0.75

Kelloggs cereals(big boxes) $1.99
$1 off (various coupons) RP from a couple weeks ago.

Pepsi products $0.99 for 2-liters

Valumarket(outer loop accepts Internet coupons & doubles up to $0.50
Kraft BBQ sauce 10/$10
$0.50 MQ (couple weeks ago I believe)

Sorry again for not having these up. If you want a complete list of other matchups please checkout my friends blog-

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Meijer super saturday sale: Coupon Addicted Mom Ky deals

This Sat. June 20th, 2009, Meijers is having a super saturday sale. So go here to view the ad. Bar S hot dogs on sale for $0.75 a pack, there is a coupon(I can't find mine just yet, but know there is one for sure). Found a printable one from Bar-S website. Click here to print. Huggies & pullups on sale too for $8.75, use $5 off pullup coupon(if you have it) & get pull ups for $3.75 WOW! Diapers(if the pure & natural are included. You can even get them for $5.75. Don't forget to check meijer mealbox here for possibly even more savings!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Meijer coupon matchups for 6/14-6/20: Coupon Addicted Mom Ky deals

Good deals:
Strawberries 3/$5 (WYB 2 dannon 32oz yogurt get 1 Fresh Strawberries-1lb FREE)
Dole bagged lettuce 3/$5
Grape or Organic grape tomatoes 1 pint container 2/$4
Seedless watermelon 2/$5
Boneless Chuck Eye steak or roast $1.99lb
meijer frozen potatoes/hash browns 5/$10
Meijer sour cream $0.99 (16oz container)

Coupon matchups:
Kraft Mac n cheese 6/$3
B3G1 MQ printable from kraft
OOP=4 for $1.50(print 2x's & get 8 for $3 or $0.375 per box)

Herbal Essences 2/$5
$0.50 MQ exp. 6/30 - PG 5/17

Kraft Chunk or cracker cut cheese 3/$6
$0.50 MQ (found on tearpad at Kroger in cheese section) exp. 8/31

Dynamo Laundry Detergent B1G2 Free
$1/2 MQ exp. 11/30 -SS 5/31
OOP=Price unknown

Kelloggs Cereal $1.75
$1 MQ exp. 7/19 - RP 6/7

Kelloggs Selected varieties $2.75
$1 MQ exp. 7/19-RP 6/7

Kelloggs Pop-tarts 8ct. $1.75
$0.55 MQ exp. 8/2-RP 6/7

Friday, June 12, 2009

LeapFrog coupons found

I just happened to be searching tonight for coupons for my daughters Leapfrog Tag system & found on their site many coupons not just for tag system books either. Many other Leapfrog products. Click here to check them out & print.

Meijer preview ad for 6/14: Coupon addicted mom Ky deals

Thanks to timswife @afullcup for posting preview


Meijers preview ad for 6/14: Coupon Addicted Mom ky deals

Don't forget to check out the meijer mealbox for store coupons to get extra savings when combined w/MQ. Looks like a good ad again! Woohoo! To checkout mealbox click here

happy savings!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Target preview ad for 6/14: Coupon addicted Mom ky deals

Thanks to Neekyme @afullcup for the preview


Target preview ad for 6/14: Coupon Addicted Mom Ky deals

Don't forget to check out for Target store coupons click here to see them.

Aldi's preview ad for 6/14: Coupon addicted Mom ky deals

Thanks to Amidala081499 @afullcup for the preview


Aldi's preview ad for 6/14: Coupon Addicted Mom Ky deals

Riteaid ad preview for 6/14: Coupon Addicted Mom Ky deals

Thanks to Neekyme @ afullcup for the preview.


Riteaid ad preview for 6/14: Coupon addicted Mom ky deals

I got paid to shop

Meijers paid me for 2 country crock 15oz. tubs & I was able to use the overage towards my other items. $0.40 per tub went towards my other groceries. WOW! I love meijers!

I forgot one of my mealbox coupons but still had a huge deal. 40 oz. lysol 4-in-1 cleaner is on sale for 1/2 price. Sale price was $1.39, I purchased 2 b/c I had 2-$0.50 off coupons which doubled so I paid )$0.39 per bottle. Lysol Toilet bowl cleaner was on sale 1/2 price also. Sale price $1.09, I purchased 2 b/c I had 2-$0.50 coupons also & paid $0.09 per bottle for those as well. If I hadn't forgot my $1 off 4 mealbox coupon I would have been paid $0.04 for them. Not huge overage, but hey still overage! I have a few more so I think I will go back tomorrow to try & get some more & get paid to take them home.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

walgreens ad preview for 6/14: Coupon Addicted Mom Ky deals

Thanks to Kreed @ for the preview ad


Walgreens Preview ad for 6/14: Coupon Addicted Mom Ky deals

Answers to Questions about maximizing savings!

Quite a few people have asked, "what's the best way to get more for your buck at the grocery?" So here is what I've been doing.

#1 make a list of items that you purchase most often. (such as milk, bread, pasta sauce, spaghetti, etc.)

#2 start stocking coupons. Meaning, look in the paper before purchasing to make sure coupons are in there. Scan through them to see if possibly there are items that you could use more than 1 coupon on(this is 1 of the reasons I buy more than 1 paper).

#3 In order to get a lot of groceries for a fraction of what it costs, find stores that double coupons, & have their own in-store coupons as well. (such as meijers, they double up to 50 cents & have in-store coupons that you can combine w/MQ). I use to shop at walmart for all my groceries, now I usually end up going to Kroger & Meijers for all my needs. Walmart doesn't double coupons, rarely has any of their own in-store coupons & most cashiers & even managers don't know their own policies regarding internet coupons(policy states they accept them & most will say to your face they don't, not to mention some don't even price match anymore).

#4 Start stockpiling items. These are items that you can stock up on while they are on sale(another reason why I buy more than 1 paper) so that when you get ready to run out of one you already bought it on sale & while you had a coupon rather than taking the chance on it not being on sale & you don't have a valid coupon meaning you pay top dollar for that item.

#5 Start looking through sale ads. If 1 store has toilet paper & cereal on sale another store more than likely will have them on sale too. It may take you a bit more time to go to 2 stores, but well worth it if you save more than the gas cost to get you there.

#6 If you don't have a coupon for an item that is on sale, sometimes you can just search through google for that item (example: coffeemate creamer coupon, type it in google & comes up as an option, they have a coupon for creamer, combine this with in-store coupons if you find one to possibly get it for well under sale price. I've even got them for free before)

#7 so many items freeze, if you're not sure what does freeze do a search about freezing the item. I have saved so much money by stocking & freezing items. I got butter, cheese, bread items. All I have actually got great deals on including some for free! When I saw I was running low on an item I took it out of my freezer & placed it in my fridge to thaw out. All have been just like I had just purchased them. Not to mention I didn't have to take a chance on it not being on sale & not having a coupon.

#8 "why purchase something on sale & a coupon if I'm not going to need it for a while?" Most items have a good shelf life, not to mention you can freeze items as well. Plus, if you are getting it on sale & have a coupon where you are either going to get it for free or under $1 or a little more for the item, go ahead & get it. Chances are when it comes down to you needing it you will not be able to wait for it to go back on sale & end up paying more for the item than going ahead to get it for a small amount.

These are just some of the things I do to get more groceries for cheap. It's rare that I purchase something that I don't have a coupon for anymore(except items like milk, meat, most that never have a coupon).

Monday, June 8, 2009

Meijer coupon matchups for 6/7: Coupon Addicted Mom Ky deals

Meijers coupon matchups for 6/7: Coupon Addicted Mom Ky deals

Good deals:

working on the actual matchups. I know of one off hand that I used today. Hope to get the rest up soon.

Taco Bell Dinner Kits 3/$5
$1 MQ-AUM June

Apologize to all please go to for the matchups. Our computer is not working correctly & won't be able to stay on long enough to post the rest of the matchups. Thanks!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Meijer preview ad for 6/7: Coupon Addicted Mom Ky deals

here is the preview ad for next week meijers ad. Looks really good. Lots of items to stockpile & save on. Many 10 for 10 with 11th item free deals! Check it out.

meijerpreview (thanks timswife forums)

Meijer preview ad for 6/7: Coupon addicted Mom Ky deals

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Free donuts & meijer super sat. sale: Coupon Addicted Mom Ky deals

Click here for info on the Free donuts on Friday only!

Click here for meijer's super saturday sale only this Sat. June 6th. Great deals, don't forget to print off for the extra savings you can get.

Free donuts & meijer super sat. sale: Coupon Addicted Mom Ky deals

Walgreens ad preview for 6/7: Coupon Addicted Mom Ky deals

Thanks to barryswife @afullcup for the ad preview


Walgreens ad preview for 6/7: Coupon Addicted Mom Ky deals

Riteaid ad preview for 6/7: Coupon Addicted Mom Ky deals

riteaidpreview (thanks barryswife @ afullcup)

Riteaid ad preview for 6/7: Coupon addicted Mom ky deals

CVS ad preview for 6/7: Coupon Addicted Mom Ky deals

cvspreview (Thanks shakin72 @ afullcup)

CVS ad preview for 6/7: Coupon Addicted Mom Ky deals

New printable coupons & ecoupons

Don't forget to reload your Kroger & other cards with coupons. The cards automatically take off a coupon when you scan it at the grocery if you purchase an item you have listed as a coupon on your card. Sites for ecoupons to download to your card are: kroger , softcoin , shortcuts, & upromise.

Don't forget to also print off new coupons from the following sites who have stocked & restocked new ones. The sites to do so are: coffeemate , coupons , couponsinc , ppgazette , smartsource , redplum.

Happy Savings!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

coupon matchups Ky deals: Coupon addicted Mom

Coupon matchups Ky deals: Coupon addicted Mom

It's been a busy & hard week so far. Sorry to those who have been waiting for the matchups. Please go to to view the matchups(thank you emilie for allowing me to send my readers to your site for matchups this week). Blessings to all!

Coupon matchups Ky deals: Coupon Addicted Mom