Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Answers to Questions about maximizing savings!

Quite a few people have asked, "what's the best way to get more for your buck at the grocery?" So here is what I've been doing.

#1 make a list of items that you purchase most often. (such as milk, bread, pasta sauce, spaghetti, etc.)

#2 start stocking coupons. Meaning, look in the paper before purchasing to make sure coupons are in there. Scan through them to see if possibly there are items that you could use more than 1 coupon on(this is 1 of the reasons I buy more than 1 paper).

#3 In order to get a lot of groceries for a fraction of what it costs, find stores that double coupons, & have their own in-store coupons as well. (such as meijers, they double up to 50 cents & have in-store coupons that you can combine w/MQ). I use to shop at walmart for all my groceries, now I usually end up going to Kroger & Meijers for all my needs. Walmart doesn't double coupons, rarely has any of their own in-store coupons & most cashiers & even managers don't know their own policies regarding internet coupons(policy states they accept them & most will say to your face they don't, not to mention some don't even price match anymore).

#4 Start stockpiling items. These are items that you can stock up on while they are on sale(another reason why I buy more than 1 paper) so that when you get ready to run out of one you already bought it on sale & while you had a coupon rather than taking the chance on it not being on sale & you don't have a valid coupon meaning you pay top dollar for that item.

#5 Start looking through sale ads. If 1 store has toilet paper & cereal on sale another store more than likely will have them on sale too. It may take you a bit more time to go to 2 stores, but well worth it if you save more than the gas cost to get you there.

#6 If you don't have a coupon for an item that is on sale, sometimes you can just search through google for that item (example: coffeemate creamer coupon, type it in google & comes up as an option, they have a coupon for creamer, combine this with in-store coupons if you find one to possibly get it for well under sale price. I've even got them for free before)

#7 so many items freeze, if you're not sure what does freeze do a search about freezing the item. I have saved so much money by stocking & freezing items. I got butter, cheese, bread items. All I have actually got great deals on including some for free! When I saw I was running low on an item I took it out of my freezer & placed it in my fridge to thaw out. All have been just like I had just purchased them. Not to mention I didn't have to take a chance on it not being on sale & not having a coupon.

#8 "why purchase something on sale & a coupon if I'm not going to need it for a while?" Most items have a good shelf life, not to mention you can freeze items as well. Plus, if you are getting it on sale & have a coupon where you are either going to get it for free or under $1 or a little more for the item, go ahead & get it. Chances are when it comes down to you needing it you will not be able to wait for it to go back on sale & end up paying more for the item than going ahead to get it for a small amount.

These are just some of the things I do to get more groceries for cheap. It's rare that I purchase something that I don't have a coupon for anymore(except items like milk, meat, most that never have a coupon).

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