Thursday, June 11, 2009

I got paid to shop

Meijers paid me for 2 country crock 15oz. tubs & I was able to use the overage towards my other items. $0.40 per tub went towards my other groceries. WOW! I love meijers!

I forgot one of my mealbox coupons but still had a huge deal. 40 oz. lysol 4-in-1 cleaner is on sale for 1/2 price. Sale price was $1.39, I purchased 2 b/c I had 2-$0.50 off coupons which doubled so I paid )$0.39 per bottle. Lysol Toilet bowl cleaner was on sale 1/2 price also. Sale price $1.09, I purchased 2 b/c I had 2-$0.50 coupons also & paid $0.09 per bottle for those as well. If I hadn't forgot my $1 off 4 mealbox coupon I would have been paid $0.04 for them. Not huge overage, but hey still overage! I have a few more so I think I will go back tomorrow to try & get some more & get paid to take them home.

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