Friday, September 23, 2011

Sunday coupon inserts 9/25

Don't forget to check out to view what coupons will be in sunday's paper so you can plan ahead if you need to purchase more than 1 paper.  I believe there should be 3: Redplum, Smartsource, & am told a CVS coupon insert.  Coupons+Sales=Savings! 

Meijer preview ad is up for week of 9/25

Click here to view meijer preview ad.  Some area's will have a variation in pricing, but shouldn't be too much different.  Happy planning!  The General Mills cereal deal looks good even without additional coupons.  Buy 4 save $2 automatically, add coupons and you could save BIG!!! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Valumarket Matchups for week of 9/18

Don't forget that valumarket has home delivery of your groceries as well.  To find out more info simply click here to be directed to their website.  They also double coupons up to $0.50, so a coupon for $0.50 would double to $1 off.

Ground Chuck $1.99LB
Pork Roast $1.49LB
Boneless Beef Roast or Steaks $2.89LB
Pilgrim's Pride Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs(family pack) $0.99LB
Ground Chuck Patties $2.59LB
Extra Lean Beef Stew Meat $3.99LB
Eckrich Bologna or Franks(excludes beef or cheese) 3/$5 (1.67each)
Eckrich Beef or Cheese Franks 2/$5
Eckrich Smoked Sausage 2/$5
use $0.55/1 or $1/2 from 8/28 SS insert

Slicer/Red Ripe Roma Tomatoes $0.99LB
Field Fresh Green Beans $0.99LB
California Celery Stalks $0.99each
3lb bag US#1 Idaho potatoes $1.49
White or Crimson Red Seedless Grapes $1.49LB
Michigan Gala, McIntosh or Ginger Gold Apples 3lb bag $2.99
Washington State Gala Apples or Bartlett Pears $1.49LB
Acorn, Butternut, or Spaghetti Squash $0.79LB
Driscoll's Raspberries(6oz) or Strawberries(1lb) pkg 2/$5
Field Fresh Green Cabbage $0.49Lb
California Red Bell peppers $0.99each

Weight Watcher's Smart Ones 4/$10
use $3/10 from 8/7 SS insert

Grands! Biscuits 2/$6
use $0.75/2 from

Totino's Pizza Rolls
use $0.40/2 from 9/11 GM insert

Campbell's Chunky Soups or Select Harvest 3/$5
use $1/4 or $0.50/4 from 8/14 or 9/11 SS insert
use $0.50/2 or $1/3 or $1.50/4 or $2/5 from here

V8 Veggie Juice 46oz can 2/$5
use $1/2 from here

Special K Cereal 3/$10
use $1/3 from 9/11 RP insert

Charmin 9ct large Roll $4.99
use $1 from 9/11 RP or $0.25 from 8/28 PG

Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding or Gelatin 10/10
use $50/2 from All You Mag. 9/23 issue

Glaceau Vitamin Water 10/$8 wyb 10 & use $2 off instore qpn(found in ad)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Feeling Overwhelmed with coupon Clipping? Don't be.

Shows like Extreme Couponing can make some think, "why would I coupon & take so much time away from my family?" Well, it doesn't take as much time as what the show portrays.  I don't know about you, but I don't have 60 hrs in a week to devote to couponing & wouldn't want to. My family is important to me & I do my coupon clipping or posts after they go to bed.  Even then I don't spend hours on end doing it either. The matchups do take a bit, but it's a stress reliever for me. I haven't been able to post b/c of my daughter's health concerns.  Now that she is better I will be able to start posting some matchups again & links to other matchups. 

So here are a few tips to get you started:
#1 If you prefer not to spend time clipping your whole booklet of coupons, then don't.  I keep mine in an expandable folder & marked with the date of the paper. Then, organize by sections. Smartsource, GM, Redplum, P&G, printables

#2 Find a website or blog that posts matchups & tell you which coupon booklet to find your coupon in. Then, just clip that coupon.

#3 Use your coupons as your shopping list.  If there is an item you don't have a coupon for then write on small piece of paper or put note in your phone. 

#4 Email or mail manufacturer's of products you buy. Most will send you coupons in the mail or ones you can print to use. (Bar-S for example sent me 5 $1 off coupons & then a $5 off coupon for $5 worth of their products, I saved these to use when their items were on sale for $1 & so went home with FREE bologna & hot dogs)

#5 Look over your sale ads. If you are a meat eater, then find your meat on sale & plan a menu around that meat item. Same for vegetarians, find your product on sale & plan your menu around that. 

Happy Savings!

Meijer Preview Ad for 8/28

To preview Meijer's ad for weekly sale ad for 8/28

click here

Friday, August 19, 2011

Meijer preview ad 8/21

It's been a crazy, busy few months!  Click below to view the Meijer ad for 8/21

10/$10 11th item free mix & match  Looks like a pretty good ad. 

click meijer to view

Don't forget to also print your meijer mealbox coupons found here

Friday, April 29, 2011

Coupon inserts for 5/1 Paper

To see what coupons will be listed in Sunday's newspaper, go to & sign up for their free email.  There will be 4 inserts in this weeks paper.  2 Smartsource, 1 Redplum, & 1 Proctor & Gamble(which I'm told will go amazingly with Mega Sale coming up at Kroger).  TIP: Actually take a few extra seconds to skim through the paper before you purchase one to make sure all 4 inserts are in there.  Happy Savings & have a blessed weekend!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Target, CVS, Riteaid, & Walgreens matchup links

Thankfully the sickness finally seems to be living our home so I can start posting again.  Thanks to all those who keep up with us & have prayed for us:) Click below to check out the deals at the stores this week.

target -thanks to for posting matchups.  Also, UP & UP diapers I've been told are really good & there is also a target coupon for $1.50 off click here to print.

CVS -thanks to for posting matchups. 

Riteaid -thanks to for posting matchups.

walgreens -thanks to for posting matchups.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meijer & Kroger matchups

Thanks to Mrs. Penny Pincher for posting Meijer Matchups.  Click here to view

Thanks to One day at a time in Jesus for posting Kroger Matchups.  Click here to view

ValuMarket 2/13-2/19 coupon matchups

Bone-In Split Chicken Breast $0.99LB
Red or White Seedless Grapes $1.19LB

Dean's 1/2 gallon 2/$3

Del Monte Fruit Naturals 10/$10

Boneless Beef Roast or steaks $2.99Lb

10/$10 matchups

Chef Boyardee Canned pasta with meat 14-15oz can
use B4G1 FREE from ALL YOU JAN 2011 or
use $0.35/3 from 1/2 SS

Swiss Miss hot cocoa mix
use $0.50/2 from ALL YOU JAN 2011 Issue

Barilla Assorted Pasta
if Pasta Plus is included use $1/2, $0.75/2, or $0.55/1 from 1/9 SS

7-UP, Sunkist, Big Red, Diet Rite, or RC cola products 2 liter

Campbell's Chicken Noodle or Tomato soup 5/$3
use $0.40/4 from 2/13 SS

Lipon Tea bags 100ct $2.99
use $1 off 1/30 RP

Jell-O Pudding or Gelatin 3/$8
multiple coupons available from 2/13 SS use $0.60/1, $0.35/1, $1/1, or $1/2 from

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fraction Price Valentine Blow out sale has a major Valentine Blow out sale going on now.  Click here for more info.  I used a free gift card I got from using my Swagbucks & was able to get Planet Flip Flops for FREE!

Valumarket Trip OOP=$16.85

2 gallons Dean's Choc. Milk, 2 Nissin Chow Mein Noodles, 2 Healthy Choice soups, 8 packs of Knorr Sides, 3lb bag Idaho Potatoes, 2 Starkist Tuna Pouches, 2 Taco Bell Seasoning Mix, 2 Taco Bell Taco Sauce, 2 boxes Taco Bell Shells

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kroger & Meijer Matchup links

Thanks to One day at a time in Jesus for posting matchups for Kroger click here to view her post

Thanks to Mrs. Penny Pincher for posting Meijer matchups click here to view her post

Valumarket best deal matchups 2/6-2/12

Here are the best deals I picked out of their ad for this week. Coupons are listed in RED

Dean's Chocolate Milk Gallon $1.99
use $1 from 2/6 SS

3lb Idaho Potatoes $0.99
10lb Idaho Potatoes $2.99

Charmin bath Tissue 9roll $3.99
use $0.25 PG 1/30

Pillsbury Toaster Strudels/Scrambles 2/$4
use $0.50/2

Lean Cuisine 5/$10
use $1/4 click here
use $1/3 from ALL YOU Jan. 2011

Weight Watchers Yogurt 10/$6
use $1/5 click here or from ALL YOU jan. 2011

Smart Balance Spread $1.99
use $1/2 click here
use $1/2 from 1/16 SS

Pillsbury Crescent/Sweet Rolls  3/$5
Crescent or sweet rolls $0.40/2 or from 1/2 GM
(crescent) $1/2 click here to print
(sweet rolls) $1/1 click here to print

Prego Sauce 2/$4
use $0.60/2 or $0.35/2 from 1/2 SS

10/$10 item matchups

Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta
use $1/2 from 1/23 SS or
click here for printable

Birdseye Steamfresh
use $1/3 from 1/23 SS

Hunt's Tomatoes
use $0.45/3 from 1/23 SS
(diced) use $1/3 from ALL YOU jan. 2011

Healthy Choice Soup 15oz cans
use $1/2 from 1/2 SS

Rice A roni
Free pasta roni wyb 3 rice a roni from 1/2 RP

Betty Crocker Cake mix
$0.75/2 from 1/30 SS

Knorr Pasta or Rice sides
use $0.50/2 from 1/30 RP

Hamburger/Tuna/Chicken Helpers
use $0.75/3 from 1/2 GM or from  

Starkist Light tuna pouch
use $0.50 from ALL YOU feb. 2011 issue OOP=FREE!!!

Taco Bell Beans, Sauce, or shells
use $1/2 from ALL YOU feb. 2011 issue

Monday, January 31, 2011

Catalina Deals

Mrs. Penny Pincher is on a roll!  Thanks for posting the catalina deals:)

Click here to view what she found!

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Coupon Alert!!!

Thanks to Mrs. Penny Pincher for posting the link to the Philadelphia Cream Cheese coupon for $0.50/2.  Click here to view her post about it!

Cvs, riteaid, Walgreens, Kroger, & Meijer matchup links

Thanks to, & for posting matchups for CVS, Walgreens, & Riteaid. 
CVS-Click here to view

Riteaid- Click here to view

Walgreens- Click here to view

For Kroger Matchups click here to view. thanks to One day at a time in Jesus for posting!
Thank you to Mrs. Penny Pincher for posting the link to the Kroger Matchups on her site as well!

Meijer matchups click here thanks to happy homemaker cindy for posting the matchups!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valumarket matchups for 1/30-2/5

Johnsonville Brats 2/$7
use $0.35 from SS 1/2

Pringles 2/$3
use $1/2 from PG 12/26, 1/16, 1/30

Pace Picante Sauce 2/$5
$0.60/2 from RP 1/30

Totino's Pizza Rolls 4/$5
use $0.40/2 from SS 1/30
use $1/2 click here

Ro-tel Tomatoes $0.99
use B3G1 Free from ALL YOU 12/22 issue
use $0.30 from 1/23 SS

Velveeta $3.99

Orville Reddenbacher Popcorn 2/$4
use $1/1 from Dec 2010 or Jan 2011 ALL YOU
use $1/2 from 1/23 SS

Cheez It's or Keebler Crackers 2/$5
use $1/2 from RP 1/30

Chex Mix 2/$5
use $0.50/2 from 1/30 SS

Bagel Bites 2/$4
use $1 from Sep. 2010 Parents & Redbook Mag

Campbell's Chunky Soup 2/$3
use $0.50/4 from SS 1/23
use $0.50/2 from 1/2 SS
use $2/5 or $1.50/4 click here to print

Kraft Miracle Whip or Mayo 2/$5

Kraft Cheese Singles/chunk/shredded 3/$5
shredded use $0.50/2 click here to print

Manwich $0.99
use B3G1 Free from Jan. ALL YOU 

healthy Choice meals 5/$10 or Complete Meals 4/$10
use B5G1 Free from 1/2 SS

Kellogg's Assorted Cereals 4/$10

Suave Deodorant $1.89
use $0.75 from 1/30 RP

Suave Lotion/Body wash/shampoo/conditioner $1.89
use $1 from 1/30 RP (lotion)
use $0.25 from 1/30 RP (body wash)
use $1/2 from 1/30 RP (shampoo/conditioner)

Hunts Ketchup $0.99
use $0.50/2 Jan 2011 ALL YOU

All 2x Liquid 28-32use jug $3.99
use $1.50 from 1/16 SS

Keebler Cookies 2/$4
use $1/2 click here to print (sign in or register)

Degree Deodorant/body mist 2/$7
use $0.75 from 1/30 RP

Dove deodorant/body mist 2/$7
use $2 from 1/30 RP

French's yellow or honey mustard 2/$3
use $0.75 from 1/23 SS
use $0.30 from 1/23 SS
use $0.50 from 1/23 SS (honey)

Mt. Olive salad cubes, hamburger slices, Relish 3/$5
use $0.50 from 1/30 SS
Mt. Olive Kosher Dill pickles $2.99
use $0.50 from 1/30 SS

Pop Tarts 8ct box 3/$5
use $1/3 click here

Kraft Dressing 2/$4
use $1/2 from 1/23 SS

Kotex pantiliners/tampons/sanitary pads $3.79
use $1.50/2 from 1/16 SS (liners or tampons)
use $2/2 from 1/16 SS (pads)

RC/Big Red/7-UP/Sunkist products 2ltrs 10/$10
12pk cans 4/$11 (wyb 4 & use coupon inside ad)
Coca-Cola 12pk cans, 6pk 24oz btls or 8pk 12oz btls 4/$10 (wyb 4 & use the coupon inside ad)
Pepsi Products 12cans or 6pk 24oz btls 5/$13 (wyb 5 & at least 1 is diet use coupon in ad)

Grapes $1.79LB
Roma Red Tomatoes or Red Bell Peppers $0.99
Red Ripe Grape Tomatoes $1.99
Mexican Sweet Onions $0.89LB

Monday, January 24, 2011

Valumarket matchups for 1/23-1/29

Clementines $4.99
Washington State Apple's $0.99LB
Red potatoes 5lb bag 2/$4
Idaho Potatoes 5lb bag 2/$4
Driscolls rasp/blackberries $2.99
strawberries $2.99
Blueberries $2.99
4LB bag Navel Oranges $2.99
Yellow Cooking onions 3lb bag 2/$4
Fresh Express Garden Salad 2/$3
Dole Reg. or organic valley baby carrots 1lb bag 2/$3

Hormel Chili w/beans or beef tamales
use $1.50/3 from Feb. 2011 issue All You(on shelves now @ walmart)
Kraft easy mac or velveeta shells
Campbells condensed soups
use $0.40/3 from 1/2 SS
Crunch N Munch Snack
use $0.50/2 from JAN 2011 ALL YOU Mag.
Coca Cola 2ltr btls
Powerade Sport drink 32oz
Gold Peak tea 1/2ltr
Michelinas or Budget Gourmet
Green Giant Boil in Bag veggies
use $0.50 from here
Reg. Sale
GM selected Cereals 5/$10
Kix- use $0.50 from 1/23 SS OOP=$1
Cheerios-use $1/2 from 1/9 SS
Cinnamon toast crunch-use $1/2 from here
v-8 fusion 2/$6
use $1/2 from 1/2 SS
Betty Crocker cookie mix 2/$4
use $0.40 from 12/5 GM
Thera Flu $4.99
use $1.50 from 12/5 SS
Bunny Bread $1.39
use $0.25 from 10/31 SS
Green Giant Canned Veggies 10/$6($0.60 each)

Freschetta pizza 2/$10
use $1 off click here must supply email address to get coupon
Totinos pizza rolls 3/$10
use $0.50 from here
Breakstone sour cream 2/$3
use $0.55 off click here to print (can print 2x's) or from 1/23 SS
Yoplait Assorted Yogurt 10/$5
use $1/10 from 1/2 GM
Sargento String Cheese $3.99
use $1 off from 1/2 SS OOP=$2.99
Dean's Choco-Riffic Drink $1.99 (use the $1 off wyb 2 half gallon or gallon of Dean's white milk)
Meat & Frozen
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.49LB
Boneless Pork Loin $1.89LB
Tyson Anytizers 2/$5
use $1 from 1/23 SS
El Monterey Taquitos $4.99
use $1 off from here 
Armour Meatballs 2/$5
use $0.55 from 12/12 or 1/23 SS
Paper products
Charmin 9ct mega or 18ct DBL rolls $9.99
use $1 or $2.50/2 from 1/30 RP
Bounty Paper Towels 8ct. giant rolls $9.99
use $1 or $2/2 from 1/30 RP
Green Giant Canned Veggies 10/$6($0.60 each)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

CVS, Riteaid, & Walgreens matchups for 1/16-1/22

Thanks to,, & for posting ads & matchups!

CVS-  Click here

Riteaid- Click here

Walgreens-Click here

Monday, January 10, 2011

Super great deal!

Thanks to mamapedia for sending this to me!  Right now $10 worth of organizational products from Lobotome is on sale for $5, but wait right now get a $5 credit when you sign up for mamapedia emails.  Total payment of $0, that's right FREE!!!!!  Plus, you earn 5% on any orders towards a school you choose.  Woohoo!  Happy Savings!  Who doesn't love items you get for FREE!!!

Target matchups for week of 1/9

Brandy @ Brandy's big bargains has Target matchups for this week!  Thanks Brandy.

Click here to view

Sunday, January 9, 2011

ValuMarket 12/9-12/15

Valumarket doubles coupons up to $0.50, also they have in home delivery & curbside pickup.  Check out their website @ for more details.  Coupon Matchups will be posted in RED.

Split Bone-In Chicken Breast $0.99LB
Quarter Pork Loin Chops $1.79LB
Boneless beef chuck roast/steak $2.69LB
Bone-In Rib Pork Chops $2.49LB
*Tyson Grilled Chicken Strips 2/$5
use $1/2 from 1/2 SS OOP=2/$4
KY Boneless Ham $2.99LB
Field Bologna or Hot dogs 4/$5
Field Lunchmeat 4/$5
Tyson Cooked Entrees $4.99
Oven Fresh Bread $0.99

Organic Baby Spinach or Spring Mix $2.99
Red or White Seedless Grapes $1.99LB
8LB Idaho potatoes $2.99
4LB bag Navel Oranges $2.99
2LB bag baby Carrots $1.29
Peaches or Nectarines $1.79LB
Del Monte Fruit Cups 5/$5
Pint Red Grape Tomatoes $1.99
Organic Romaine Hearts $2.99
Peruvian Sweet Onions $0.89LB
Red Bell Peppers $1.29

Dean's 1/2 gallon $0.99
*Pillsbury biscuits 5/$5
use $0.30/2 from or use $0.40/3 from 1/2 GM
Tropicana OJ 2/$5

*Weight Watchers yogurt 10/$6
use $1/5 JAN 2011 issue ALL YOU

*Coffeemate 32oz creamer 2/$7
use $1/1 from here or become their friend on Facebook for $1/1
use $0.55 from 11/14 RP

*Kraft Singles 2/$4
use $0.75 from 1/9 SS

Blue Bonnet Spread 45oz tub $1.99

*Pillsbury Crescent or Sweet Rolls 3/$5
crescent-use $0.40/2 from 1/2 GM or $0.50/2
sweet rolls-use $0.40/2 from 1/2 GM or 12/12 SS
*Blue Bunny Ice Cream 2/$5
sign up for $1/1 click here to sign up & print

*Weight Watcher smart ones 5/$10
use $3/10

*Tony's Pizza 5/$10
use $1/2 from Tony's click here to print

*Pillsbury Toaster strudel/scrambles/pancakes 2/$4
use $0.50/2 from 1/2 GM

*Bob Evans Brunch Bowls/Burritos 2/$6
use $1/2 click here to print or from SS 12/12

Reg. grocery
*Betty Crocker Helper meals 5/$5
use $0.75/3 from 1/2 GM

*Progresso Soup 4/$5
use $1/4 from 1/2 GM

welch's Grape Jelly/Jam 3/$5

*Peter Pan Peanut butter 2/$3
use $1/2 from Jan 2011 ALL YOU or 1/2 SS or
use $0.50/1 from 1/2 SS

Bush's assorted beans 5/$4

*Hunt's tomatoes 5/$5
use $1/3 from Jan 2011 ALL YOU

*Rice Roni 4/$5
use FREE pasta roni WYB(when you buy) 3 rice roni from 1/2 SS

*Campbell's Spaghetti-O's 5/$5
use $0.40/2 from 12/12 SS

*Quaker Instant Oatmeal 2/$5
use $1 off from 1/2 RP

*Quaker Instant Grits 2/$3
use $1 off from 1/2 RP

*Quaker Quick/Old Fashioned Oats 2/$3
use $1 off from 1/2 RP

Clorox Bleach $1.79

*Cottonelle Bath Tissue 12ct dbl roll $6.99
use $0.50/1  click here

Cheer $4.99
*Kleenex Tissue 3/$5
use $0.50/3 from or from 1/2, 12/5 SS

*Crest $1.99
use $0.75/1 from 12/26 PG or $0.50/1 from 12/26 PG

*Secret Deodorant $2.29
use $0.50/1 from 12/26 PG or B2G1 Free from 1/9 RP

*Old Spice Deodorant $2.29
use $1/2 from 12/26 PG

*Tampax 2/$6
use $1/1 or $2/1 from 12/26 PG

*Aleve $4.99
use $1/1 or $2/1 from 1/2 SS or $1/1 from 10/24 RP

*One a day $7.99
use $2/1 from 1/2 SS

*Huggies $6.99
use $3/2 from

Coca-Cola products 12 pk cans 3/$11
RC product 12 pks 3/$9
*Deer Park drinking water $4.99
become fan on FACEBOOK of Deer park & print $1 off Qpn

7-up, big red, Rc Product 6pk btls 4/$9
Powerade sport drinks $0.79
Rc Product 2ltrs 10/$10
Capri Sun 2/$4

CVS, Riteaid, & Walgreens Matchups

Thanks to for posting matchups.  Click here

Thanks to for posting matchups.  Click  here

Thanks to for posting matchups.  Click here