Friday, July 3, 2009

New Coupons: Coupon Addicted Mom Ky deals

Don't forget to checkout the following websites for new or restocked coupons. Also, if you didn't know that you can download what is called ecoupons to your Kroger card. I'll list those websites as well. It's totally free & works when you scan your Kroger plus card & purchase the item. When you click to pay(at the self checkout) or the cashier's auto. comes up. Here are the websites: requires signing up, but so easy & they also have a link to print Kroger coupons as well. and (there are sometimes coupons down at the bottom of the page for items like dog/cat food or others)

If there is an item you are purchasing & don't have a coupon for. Google the item example: Johnsonville coupons then look through the list. Also, if there is an item you purchase regularly email the manufacturer's website w/a comment about their product. You may be surprised that they send you a ton of coupons in the mail just for sending them feedback. I'm getting several next week from a couple of companies. Happy Savings!

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