Friday, August 7, 2009

New links for GA friends & family: Coupon Addicted Mom GA deals

I will be posting the links for the coupon deals in GA for my friends & family who live in the beautiful state. We were visiting my parents recently & people at the grocery store were shocked at how little we paid at checkout & that got me to thinking: Do people around here not have anyone or anything to look at? I found a few when I did a search, but I think people just don't have the time to really search for things. So I will be passing this list to my mother's office & hopefully from there people will pass along the links to their family & friends so that not just my family & friends in KY can share in the savings. If you have any problems, just email or comment me your ? & I will do my best to answer them quickly & as best as I can.


foodlion8/5-8/11 also, food lion store coupons printable


Walmart also has the new pullups flushable wipes(found near soaps & pharmacy) for $1.64 a pack, there was a coupon 2 weeks ago for $3 off 2 packs(any size) huge savings $0.28 for 2 packs

I also use to order coupons for really cheap that I need more of to stockpile items.

When I find coupon matchups for ingles I will post them. Happy savings Friends & family in GA!

Coupon Addicted Mom GA deals!

Printable coupon sites to check from time to time especially first of the month is , (this site has kellogg's coupons)

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  1. They should check out Coupon Mom too. I think Stephanie Nelson is based out of Atlanta, so there should be more deals posted on that site for that area.