Friday, June 4, 2010

Stockpile trip at Meijers 6/4/10

I have my little girls birthday coming up and decided since it's summer and hot dogs are usually a summer favorite, that we'd serve those.  Well, Meijers had a great deal this week on Oscar mayer Hot dogs and paired with some great coupons it was easy to decide this was the best bet for her party.  I mean you don't have to break the bank to throw a good party.  This is what I got OOP=$24.63 and received $2 off my next purchase (not pictured was a dress for my little girl $7.99 and a snack for my hubby $0.74 if I hadn't bought those items I would have paid a little over $15 for all this).
2 French's Mustard ($1.25 each- used (2) $0.50 off and (1) mealbox $0.50/2) =FREE!
5 Coffee Mate Creamers (separate orders $0.99 each used (5) $0.50 off)=FREE!
3 Kraft Dressings ($1.59 each-(3) $0.55 off and (3) mealbox $1)=$0.04 each!
8 yakisoba noodles ($0.99 each-(4) $1/2 off)=$3.92 or $0.49 each
4 Maxwell House Coffee ($2 each-(2) $1/2 off)=$6 or $1.50 each
8 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs ($1.67 each-(4) $1/2 off and (4) mealbox $1/2=$5.36 or $0.67 each

Before coupons=$50.73-$26.10 in coupons OOP=$24.63 +$2 On my next order

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