Thursday, July 15, 2010



For those who do not know this yet, ValuMarket now has curb side delivery for your groceries AND Delivery to your home.  Yes, there is a charge but if you are in a hurry or unable to get to the store you can pull up and have it delivered to your car or have it delivered to your front door.  I wish more stores did this.  What's even better?  You CAN use your coupons when using either one of these awesome features.  Just tell them which coupons you have when placing your order.  Voila'!  I think the charge is worth it when you can use your coupons too and don't really have the time to run to the store.  LOVE IT!

Some know the medical issues we've faced with my little girl, well I know those nights when I was too tired to cook, let alone try to get to the store were about impossible.  It's about time that stores started stepping up to the plate and serving their customers the way that customers should be treated and want to be treated.  KUDOS to Valumarket for knowing how to treat customers right and offering the services that are truly needed!

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