Saturday, August 7, 2010

Meijer trip 8/7

I was unaware of the catalina deals until this afternoon(don't worry you haven't missed out) the catalina deals continue on the Kelloggs, Keebler, eggo, & sunshine products til Aug. 14th.  Also, participating kraft items are catalina deal I believe through the 14th as well.  Juicy Juice deal I think was only for this week, but may want to check tags on shelf just to be sure. 

Kelloggs, Keebler, Eggo, & Sunshine products get $10 OYNO catalina print out when you buy 10 participating products(be sure to pair this up with coupons & the awesome Kellogg's back to school booklet-found mine at valumarket coupons as well.) 

Kraft products buy 5 get $5 OYNO catalina coupon.  If Juicy Juice is still going it is buy 4 or more get $3 OYNO catalina print out.  Mine didn't tonight, just had to take my receipt up to the service desk & they hand wrote my coupon.  Above picture is what I brought home tonight & paid Out of Pocket a little over $34, but I have $18 off my next order in coupons. 

2 Gallons milk (1 free with coupon from Kellogg's back to school savings booket)
1 Ocean Spray 64oz cranberry juice ($0.50 after booklet coupon)
1 Meijer large eggs
4 boxes of Kellogg's frosted mini wheats (used 2 $1/2 Q's)
3 Frosted Flakes (used $1.25/3 Q)
1 box meijer baggies ($0.19 after Q from booklet)
2 boxes Cinnabon cereal ($0.50 used 2 $1 each Q's)
4 bottles Juicy Juice (used 2 $1/2 Q's-got $3 off my next order coupon at checkout)
2 Kellogg's Mix It's ($.50 used 2 $0.75 from kellogg's website)
2 Keebler cookies (no coupons off these, but used a booklet coupon to get the free gallon of milk)
2 Kraft American Singles ($1.49 each)
3 Kraft shredded Cheese (3/$6 but got $5 off my next order catalina coupon)
1 mini philly creme cheese ($0.50 after coupon)
1 Lender's Bagels
1 box markers
1 box crayons
A little over $34 for all of this, plus $18 off total in OYNO coupons.  I would say it was a very successful trip!

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