Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Meijer trip 9/9: Coupon Addicted Mom

Total OOP=$39.17 It would have been $49.17, but the manager gave me $10 off because the computer froze & had to rescan everything. This had also happened to me 2x's last week. So I think they remembered I had a problem, plus the hassle of doing it over again w/kids crying. So glad they took off the extra. Made my hassle worth it!
Can't remember prices for all the stuff, but the items I do remember I'll have the prices after coupons listed.
(3) gallons milk 2 at $1.75 & 1 for $0.75 due to special when you purchase 2 simply cookies.
(2) Simply pillsbury cookies $0.99each(+the $1 off gallon of milk)
(10) Green Giant Steamer veggies FREE!!!
(11) Meijer frozen turkey rolls 11/$10
(2) Neutrogena Eye makeup remover bottles $0.17 each(saved way more than the cost of all you magazine where the coupons came out of)
(2) lunchables Free!
(6) 2pk gerber baby foods
(6) gerber 3rd baby foods
(3) Pasta Roni
(3) Hamburger & chicken helper 3 for $2.25
(1) barilla spaghetti
(2) soup at hands Free!
(4) Micro bowls(campbells)
Lysol Bathroom spray
Lysol Disinfectant wipes
(2) Green giant boxed veggies 2 for $1
Soft scrub scrubbing pads
(2) Digiorno Flatbread melts
12 pack of Coke's (not pictured)
I think that was all of it, but can't tell too much from my pic b/c I was in a rush to get things put away. Coupons work & sometimes having problems at the store & complaining about it actually helps!

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