Thursday, January 21, 2010

Couponing tips

1. Don't be afraid to send a manufacturer a letter or email telling them what you like or don't like about their product. I have received numerous coupons in the mail & email to either say Thank you for my comments or to assure me(when I've had a bad comment) that things will be done to improve their reputation with me as a consumer. I've even had some to send me coupons for a free products. Now that's ultimate reward savings there!

2. Visit restaurant websites like to sign up for newsletters. They even had a special of a B1G1 Free entree in a recent email or link on their website. Most also have really awesome birthday perks like sign up for their newsletter & receive an email to print for a birthday meal from them(not including drink). Also, sign up your children in groups too. Why pay more money on their birthday when you don't have too!

3. Places like also have birthday perks. You receive a free gift(no purchase necessary) for your birthday(most you have to get during your birthday month, & some you have to get it within 2 weeks of your birthday).

4. Take your time. Learning how to coupon smart takes time. I've been couponing since marrying, but only recently really started to LEARN how to coupon to save even more a little over a year.

5. Don't forget to ask for rainchecks if an item is not in stock, or ask the manager if they have a substitution for the item. I've asked this several times & received the more expensive, better product for the sale price of the item that was out of stock.

Last, but not least. Have a blessed life and savings!

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