Friday, April 23, 2010

Meijer trip 4/23: Success!

Meijers has awesome deals on several items today and tomorrow.  Right now the 5pk of Kraft Mac-N-Cheese is on special with other items where when you buy 5 participating items you get $5 off at checkout.  So here is an example of a deal.  

Purchase 5 mac n cheese, print (5) $1 off coupons for these packs at and also on the boxes are coupons for FREE capri suns.  $12.45 for the mac-n-cheese before deal and coupons.  Total after coupons and $5 off at checkout is=$2.45, for 5 boxes of capri suns and 5 (5pk.) mac n cheese.  (also if you want to purchase a nabisco 12pk box you get $3 off on your next order as well.  I separated these items from another order today and used $3 off on my second order.  Here is all I got today and with both totals paid just a little under $21.  

2 gallons milk
5 (5pk) mac n cheese
5 capri suns (FREE with my purchase of mac n cheese)
1 (12 pk) coca cola
1 (12ct.) Nabisco cookies
1 NEW farmhouse hidden valley dressing 
2 yakisoba noodles
4 oscar mayer deli fresh meats
1 pk of kraft shredded cheese
1 breyers ice cream
1 Fast Fixin Chicken nuggets
Total saved was almost $50, and I only paid a little under $21 for both my orders.  We won't eat all of that mac n cheese, but with the deal I can donate a couple of the packs to a local food bank.  

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