Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stand up for your consumer Rights!

No one will stand up for your rights as a consumer, so stand up for yourself.  If you have to carry the coupon policies of stores with you.  Some cashiers & even some managers are misinformed on their own store's coupon policy's.  I have walked away from a cart load of groceries b/c a store refused to take my printable coupons b/c they thought I was trying to fraud their company.  Some do state they have a right to refuse a coupon, but they do not have the right to humiliate you or accuse you of doing something wrong.  Here is a list of stores & the links of their policies.

Target-  couponpolicy

Meijer- meijerpolicy  (scroll to bottom of page until you find coupon policy)

Walgreens- policy (another wonderful store that allows you to stack a manufacturer's with their store coupon for a single item).  LOVE these stores!

Waiting for more information from several stores as I had trouble finding policy listed on website.

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