Friday, May 22, 2009

I got paid to get 4 bottles of Kraft dressing!

Total Out of Pocket=$34.54

2 boxes of 130 ct. Centrum vitamins-$4.47 a box or 2 for $8.94.

Meijer reusable bag-99 cents(some stores give you something on your grocery bill when you use these. Kroger's does so meijer may)


4 bottles of 16oz. Kraft Dressing Free + $0.92 cents per bottle credit towards the rest of my order.

4 bottles of A1 sauce Free!

2 boxes of Eggo Waffles=$0.84 cents a box

3 boxes of hot/lean pockets=$1 each

Breyers Ice Cream=$1.75

2 loaves of Aunt Millies Bread $0.49 each

2 packs of 16 slices Kraft Cheese Singles- $0.59 each

2 boxes of Creamette Spaghetti-$0.66 cents each

Keebler cookies $1.67

Pillsbury ready to bake cookies $1.30

3 packs of danimals crush cup yogurt $1 each

2 pepsi 2 liters $1 each

2 packs of Knorr rice/pasta mix $0.63 cents each

2 Healthy Choice Frozen entrees $1.50 each or 2/$3

Total savings in Q's(mealbox q's included) $39.10. I saved more than I paid. How awesome is that!

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