Thursday, May 7, 2009

My meijer trip

I finally can post the details of my trip.
2 packs of huggies: $9.49 each-$3 MQ on 2 final total=$16.98
Mccormick chili seasoning-$1.01(not happy, but had to have it)
Mccormick taco seasoning: 69 cents ea. 4 packets instore checkout savings for 25 cents off each packet=44 cents ea or 4 for $1.76
Barilla spaghetti sale 88 cents-34 cents meijer mealbox coupon($1 off 3 boxes the coupon is split btwn the other boxes) Total=54 cents
Meijer milk sale $1.98=2 for $1.98(got 1 gallon free at checkout)
Nabisco Oreo Cakester sale 2/$5(when 2 are purchased get a free gallon of milk)-$1 off 2=Total 2/$4 or $2 ea. & Free milk(what better to go with oreo's then milk)
Quaker Fiber granola bars $2.29 ea. Purchased 2 boxes used 2 MQ for $1 off ea. =Total $1.29 ea. or 2 for $2.58
Aunt Millies Bread sale 2/$3-(2) 35 cent MQ which doubled to 70 cents off ea. loaf for 80 cents a loaf or 2 for $1.60
Barilla pasta sale 2/$3-Meijer mealbox coupon 34 cents off each=Total $1.16 ea or 2 for $2.32
Smart Balance Butter sale 2/$4-meijer mealbox $1 off 2-BOGO MQ=Total 1 pack of butter sticks for FREE!!! and 1 tub for $1
Smart Balance Peanut Butter sale 2/$4-meijer mealbox $1 off 2 AND (2) $1 off MQ from for 50 cents a jar.
Freshlike frozen veggies sale 5/$5(was mad at myself, didn't have a computer before I went to the grocery to get the veggies for free, but still ok). Meijer mealbox coupon for $1 off 2, purchased 2=Total 2 for $1(50 cents a bag). (CHECK OTHER BLOG FOR LINK TO PRINT MQ TO GET 2 BAGS FOR FREE!) Going back to get 8 bags for free. Stockpile!!!
Pillsbury biscuits sale 4/$5-MQ $1 off 3=Total 3/$2.75
Kraft BBQ sauce sale 5/$5-(3) MQ 75 cents ea=Total 25 cents ea or 3 for 75 cents
Hunt's Pudding sale 5/$5-Meijer mealbox $1 off 5-(2) MQ $1 off 3 from May All you mag, purchased 6 total=Total
5 for $2.35(47 cents ea) & 1 for 80 cents
Mr Clean Magic Eraser 2 packs sale 2/$5-BOGO MQ=2/$2.50
Crest Prohealth Toothpaste sale 2/$5-(2) 50 cent coupons which doubled to $1 ea for $2 off 2 tubes=Total 2 for 3.00 & a chance to win a gift card(didn't win 1 but got an extra chance to win).
Bounty paper towels sale 5/$5-25 cent MQ doubled 50 cents=50 cents
Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers sale 2/$5-(2) $1 off MQ from May All you mag(found at walmart)=total 2 for $3
Bob Evans sausage patties sale 2/$5-25 cent MQ doubled to 50 cents=Total $2.50
Kraft Shredded Cheese sale 3/$6-didn't have a coupon & needed a bag so purchased only 1 for $2
Del Monte Fruit Chiller cups sale 3/$6-$1 off MQ from =$1
Lean Cuisine sale prices varied sale 4/$10 & 5/$10, Meijer mealbox coupon $1 off 4, AND $1 off 4 MQ=Total 2/$4 & 2/$3
Michelina Al Dente Pasta meals sale 5/$11, purchased 2-$1 off ea, from May All you Mag.=Total 2/$2.40
I use to hate shopping at meijers b/c it was so overpriced, now I love it! I like that they show you at the top of receipt what your savings were, that they double coupons up to 50 cents, and you can use their store coupons with MQ to save even more. Not to mention that you get more coupons at print out & I call it the checkout Angel when one prints out for more off my next trip. Talk about helping in this economy. Here was the savings at the top of my receipt. My total was $103.54 before coupons & meijer coupons-had $7 in meijer coupons, ad savings of $28.97, & MQ savings of $31.15 for a grand total after coupons $65.39.

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