Friday, May 8, 2009

Smart Balance Peanut butter & freslike veggies

I was bummed when I didn't have any more MQ coupons from the paper for Smart Balance Peanut butter. So I decided to google to see what I could find. Smart balance is a healthy peanut butter & is usually $3.33 a jar at Meijers. This week they have them on sale 2/$4, & you can use meijer mealbox AND MQ coupons as well. If you don't have any go to to print your meijer coupon for the peanut butter $1 off 2 jars just click on the right hand side specials(you do not have to sign in to print) click peanut butter & add to shopping list, then print shopping list you can print a shopping list or just print coupons. Then go to click print coupons to select peanut butter you can print this 2x's & its for $1 off 1, so you get $2 off more on the jars making your total for peanut butter 50 cents a jar. That's WOW!!!!Freshlike veggies is the same go to meijer mealbox to print your freshlike veggie coupon for $1 off 2, they are on sale at meijers this week 5/$5, then go to to print $1 off 2 coupon making your total at checkout 2 bags for FREE!!!!! You can print the coupon 2x's & the meijer mealbox coupon many times too! Can you imagine the look when you can walk out of the store with 4 bags of frozen veggies & 2 jars of peanut butter for $1. There usually isn't tax on food items, but in some area's there maybe tax. That's just amazing! Thank you GOD for blessings!

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