Friday, October 23, 2009


My husband & I purchased the H20 Ultra mop from . I called their number from the informercial(we normally don't do this, but really wanted to try this mop out). The first thing the guy states is it's $7.98 for shipping. That was my only real question. I wasn't about to pay a ton just to ship an item. So he goes through his little questions, & I ask again before giving any info. "It's just $7.98 for shipping right?" The man said, "yes."

We get the box with a copy of the invoice stating $36 & something for shipping. I was angry! I told my husband who called, b/c I would have got my blood pressue up something fierce. They proceeded to tell him they would review the conversation since it had been recorded. They say they have reviewed it & that I was told the shipping price correctly to what our bill stated. He proceeds to look at their website which only shows shipping to be a little over $20. When he asked they stated that the shipping was more when you call in to order the mop. What a bunch of junk. Then, he asks to listen to the recording & he is told we would have to get a court order to do so. He finally speaks to a manager who says we can either get a $9 credit for the shipping difference between the phone call & web price if we decide to ship it back. It didn't work right anyway. It left huge puddles on our floor & I couldn't even do a small square without the mop pad being soaked. Then she said that they could credit us $34 if we keep it. So he called her back today, & was told that she never said those things. What a lying bunch of crooks at this company!

I don't want anyone else getting scammed by this stupid thing. In the end we had to keep it b/c we would be out even more money shipping it back & knowing what a bunch of crooks they are they probably would not credit us our money.

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  1. Have you considered contacting BBB or maybe the Courier Journal's Lemme Do It to get your money back?