Friday, October 9, 2009

Printing options: Coupon Addicted Mom

Most local libraries will allow you to use their computers & printers for free! The library near my home will not charge until after their free limit is reached for your acct. It's a great tool to know about if your printer breaks during printing, & some sites think you've already printed a coupon. So if you are able head to your local library(may want to call first to see what their policy is.) & print off your coupons. Happy Savings!


  1. I thought of that and tried it, but the library's computer doesn't allow you to upload any programs (ie, brinks) so the overwhelming majority of coupons can't be printed at ours. Any solutions?

  2. Thanks Titania for letting me know you were unable to print. I'm so sorry! Some sites will actually mail you the coupons you want to print if you will email & ask them. I did this a while back when my printer was down & mailed me some of the coupons. Also, some manu. sites will mail you coupons just for leaving them positive or negative feedback. Hope this helped some! If I get some more information I will let you know. Blessings & thanks for reading!